Automatic Gates

Hit back at burglars. Go AUTO with MB Electrical and Centurion


Moves your first line of defence to your gateway rather than your front door. Electrically controlled gates are a much better deterrent to the opportunist, car thief or vandal. In conjunction with a video or audio intercom, you can control who has access to your premises from the safety of your home or office.


Keep your children safe from passing cars and pedestrians. Keeps dogs, cattle, horses etc safely in your property, automatic gates adds piece of mind – knowing the gates will automatically close with pets safely locked behind them. On busy roads automatic gates will deter motorists from using your driveway as a place to turn around, or even park their car.


Forget about getting out of the car every time you travel to and from your property. All automatic gate openers have backup batteries, so no need to worry about power cuts. By adding remotes to your package you can enter and leave your property without even waiting for them to open.

Area Of Service

Vector Linear Swing Gate Opener

The VECTOR has a low profile design with in-line construction of the motor, gearbox and actuating piston. This enhances the aesthetic appearance of the operator allowing it to blend in as unobtrusively as possible with the design of the gate.

Single leaf: $1649
Double leaf: $2449

R3 Swing Gate Opener

The R3 and R5 rotary arm swing gate operators are the logical choice for most swing gates. The wide arc of operation combined with inherent soft acceleration and deceleration provide swift opening and closing of the gate.

Single leaf: $1949
Double leaf: $2749

D3 Sliding Gate Opener

The thoroughbred range of DC operators offer swift and reliable sliding gate control. These units are powered by a high torque DC motor coupled to a custom built gearbox.

4m Slider: $1799

All Packages Include

Gates Motors, Controller, Backup Batteries, 2x Remotes

Installation and commissioning

Single Leaf
$ 499
Double Leaf
$ 679

Optional Extras( All prices include installation)

Remote Control
1 Button
$ 59
Remote Control
2 Buttons
$ 69
999 User
$ 380
Polyphone Intercom
1 internal handset, I external door station
$ 550
Vehicle Exit Probe
$ 915
Infra-red safety beams
$ 280
300kg Mag lock
$ 850
Solar power
incl 3.5m pole, 60w panel, regulator, extra battery
$ 2900

All prices are +gst