Bringing confidence to commercial projects

Frustrated by a lack of service? Sick of contractors who are slow to respond to basic job requirements? Need a company that can look after both electrical and data installation? Looking for a company that gets an in-depth understanding of a project’s requirements and then resources the project accordingly?

If you’re a commercial building company, MB Electrical should be your first call. MB Electrical brings a depth of experience across a wide range of commercial environments and we match this skillset with a customer focused mentality. We know the pressures of running big projects and can add resource when and where it’s required. We also take a common-sense approach, for example, if a small job is
needed that sits outside an agreed contract, we’ll just get on with it and deal with the paperwork later. We also ask the right questions up front – that way we understand the fine details of each project – which means our pricing is accurate and we can commit the right amount of resource for each job. 

When you put it all together, it means our commercial clients have confidence we’ll get the job done, quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss.

Below you’ll see the different commercial areas we work in. If you have any questions regarding this or any other work you require, please call on 0800 MB ELECT.

Area Of Service


Schools, daycare centres and other education establishments have become a special area of expertise for MB Electrical. We have completed a large number of contracts at schools, doing the electrical planning and installation for classrooms, libraries, laboratories, gymnasiums… If it’s at a school, we’ve wired it! Contact us to quote on your project.

Electrical Equipment Testing

All electrical appliances have to be tested regularly to ensure safety and meet OSH requirements. MB Electrical can do this for you. Read More about electrical equipment testing.

Heat Pumps / Air Conditioning

MB Electrical can install your air conditioning units, providing you with a wide choice of units to fit your particular environment. We are installers of Panasonic and Mitsubishi aircon units so we can design a system to suit your requirements. Discuss your air conditioning needs with us.

Security systems

A security system is crucial to safeguard your business assets after hours. MB Electrical has solid experience installing security systems consisting of keypads, detectors, and alarm communications. We also install remote control gates to guard access to your business premises. This includes slide and swing-open driveway gates for vehicle access as well as narrow gates for pedestrians.

Data Networks

MB Electrical is equipped to design, supply and install networking solutions and products to schools, small business, and corporate clients. We are Ministry of Education (MOE) Certified Data installers of Schneider.

Electrical Inspections

MB Electrical can provide you with a Electrical Inspection and issue you with a Certificate of Verification (COV) and/or Record of Inspection which you can pass on to your Insurance Company or your Local Council (when you’re selling your home) to confirm that your home meets the NZ standard requirements. We can also issue electrical warrant of fitness’s (E-WOF’s) for caravans and motor homes.