A job done well and without any fuss.

Sick and tired of electricians who are slow to return your call or even worse never get back to you? Looking for tradesmen who are easy to work with and explain the job in the simplest of terms? Want someone who can do the job with the minimum of fuss and if issues arise they deal with them on-the-spot?

You have come to the right electricians.

At MB Electrical we have a rare combination of exceptional electrical expertise and a customer friendly way of doing things. We believe that no other electrical company in Auckland can match our level of customer service. Quite simply you can trust us to get your job done.

Below you’ll see the different areas we work in. If you have any questions regarding this or any work other you require, please call on 0800 MB ELECT.

Area Of Service

LED Lighting design and installations

Appropriate lighting makes your home more beautiful and practical. At MB Electrical, we can design your lighting for you, or work with a professional lighting designer. You choose the light fittings you want and we’ll install them and make sure they give you the illumination and lighting effects you had in mind.

LED Lighting Upgrades

Upgrade your existing lighting to LED, super efficient, long life, high quality LED light fittings are available to replace almost any existing light fitting in your home without any rewiring or painting required.We can offer multiple options to suit any budget.

Home Automation

Home Automation makes living more convenient, can improve your security and help you save money. Working with leading home automation provider Clipsal C-Bus, we can automate all electrical functions in your house. This can range from simple lighting controls to easy-use touch screens that let you control all electrical equipment in your residence. With MB Electrical, you can be sure that your home automation will work quietly in the background, seamlessly integrating all your electrical devices.

Home Entertainment

Our electricians have added specific training in home entertainment to their electrical skills. You can now get a range of high-end audiovisual entertainment packages from MB Electrical. We use mainly Marantz equipment coupled with Jamo speakers to offer you a superb home theatre package with the option of a multi-room audio system.

Data Networks

The distinction between energy and data networks are getting smaller by the day. MB Electrical can now install a data network for your home or home office.

Gates and Security systems

A home security system helps to safeguard your assets, especially when you’re away. MB Electrical are expert at installing security systems consisting of keypads, detectors, and alarm communications. We also install remote control gates to guard access to your property. This includes slide and swing-open driveway gates for vehicle access as well as narrow gates for pedestrians.

Heat Pumps / Air Conditioning

A heat pump is one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems you can install for your home. If being cool in summer and warm in winter is on your wishlist we can help.We are installers of Panasonic and Mitsubishi heat pumps (With Wifi control) and can design a system to suit you and your home.

Electrical Inspections

MB Electrical can provide you with a Electrical Inspection and issue you with a Certificate of Verification (COV) and/or Record of Inspection which you can pass on to your Insurance Company or your Local Council (when you’re selling your home) to confirm that your home meets the NZ standard requirements. We can also issue electrical warrant of fitness’s (E-WOF’s) for caravans and motor homes.